3 Amigos

You’ve probably heard of a 3 amigos session, you may have even been involved in one. The aim of the session is usually to answer the following questions…

  1. How do we know if we’ve built the right product?
  2. How do we know if we’ve built the product right?
  3. How will we support it in production?
  4. How will we know if there is a problem in production?
  5. How will we test it?

The format of the 3 Amigos session isn’t restricted to 3 people, it just means having consideration from a programming, test and product perspective. Typically they will…

Recently I’ve been reflecting on my role as a Tester. One of the things that came to mind was the breadth of the role and how many disciplines it spans across.

I’m seeing more and more topics around the relevance of Testers and “we have automation so why do we need someone to do testing”.

Well, have I got news for you! We don’t just do “manual testing”

I wanted to highlight those disciples so for those that don’t work closely with Testers, you can get an idea of how we can add value. There is less of a focus…

What is it? Is it even a thing?

To me, QAOps is about integrating quality into the CI/CD process. This involves working effectively with developers (and others involved in the CI/CD process) to make sure the right automated tests are being run at the right time, and in the right way. This means we automate as much as possible by using the testing pyramid as a guide. i.e. more unit tests and less e2e/UI tests and these tests are executed at the right point in the CI/CD process. For example, you should be running all of your unit tests whenever…

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

How to communicate with developers to uncover information

I recently watched a video on how to help developers be better testers but the main message I took from it was how you can communicate with developers to uncover information about testing software.

There are loads of great questions you can ask developers as part of the refinement process of a work item. An example of this is during kickoffs/3 amigos sessions. …

Nate Ballantyne

Currently a Senior QA @ Babylon Health. I enjoy blogging and talking about all things software testing! In particular how we can shift testing in all directions

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